ISB BT becomes ENGIE Solutions

ISB Building Technics is since 1987 part of the group ENGIE Axima. From the 1st of July 2020, ENGIE Axima, ENGIE Cofely, ENGIE Fabcricom and their subsidiaries become ENGIE Solutions. 

ENGIE Solutions will now be the single point of contact for cities, infrastructures, industries and service sector stakeholders and will offer integrated solutions to help you achieve your zero carbon targets.

Nearly 10,000 experts on energy efficiency with multiple and complementary skills, able to design and implement general, sustainable, tailored and turnkey solutions, are at your service.

You can rely on a dedicated and trusted partner to support you in the long term across all your challenges, while guaranteeing continuity of service, your contract and your usual contacts.

The names of our companies and the VAT, trade register, and bank account numbers remain unchanged.


Active throughout Belgium

With its main office established in Brussels, besides providing local solutions, ISB Building Technics also takes responsibility for multi-site and multidisciplinary projects.

 Operational site :
Hummaniteitslaan 231 - 1620 Drogenbos
Tel +32 2 533 26 11


Headquarterl :
Simon Bolivarlaan 34 - 1000 Brussel
BTW BE 0402 940 869



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