Building Technics


From the design, to construction through to maintenance, ISB Building Technics can offer complete solutions for building technologies either under our own management or with supervision and coordination with preferred partners:

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning):

    • Air treatment installations and ventilation
    • Air-conditioning (adiabatic cooling, direct expansion, ice water installations, etc.)
    • Heating installations (gas, heating oil, electric)
    • Steam installations
    • Car parking ventilation, smoke evacuation and fire safety installations
    • Alternative sustainable energy sources



    • Automatic control and electrical engineering
    • Home automation - Building management installations
    • KNX installations
    • Wiring, cabling work and fire-resistant seals


Sanitary facilities

    • Drainage installations
    • Water supply installations
    • Water treatment installations
    • Water distribution installations
    • Compressed air installations
    • Appendages and sanitary appliances
    • Fire water installations
    • Powder extinguishers and fire safety equipment
    • Sprinklers



    • Medium voltage
    • Low voltage
    • Low current installations
    • Emergency power installations (generators, no-break installations)
    • Wiring, cabling work and fire-resistant seals
    • Lighting and emergency lighting
    • Operating appliances and end units
    • Universal cabling systems
    • Fire detection installations
    • Multimedia
    • Sustainable power sources (CHP, cogeneration, solar panels, etc.)


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